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Tree surgery

Trees grow decades or even centuries. Unprofessional interference permanently damages the tree within minutes. Let therefore always a care for your greenery only to professional companies with good references. Unfortunately, nowadays, even various certifications do not guarantee the quality of a company, because often they are sold similarly as shoes ...


Trees at various stages of their life may require pruning for a variety of reasons, such as bad genetic stock (provenance), the natural aging process, previous bad or unnecessary workmanship, or to limit an accidental damage caused by contractors or development sites.
Types of Pruning 
  • Formative pruning
  • Health cuts
  • Security cuts - crown cleaning is removing of any dead branches that are still attached to the tree to minimise danger of falling debris
  • Crown reduction
  • Crown lifiting, which involves the removal of the lower branches to a given height above the ground level, it should be achieved either by the removal of the whole branches, or by the removal of one or two parts which extend below the desired clear height.
The best period for the routine treatment of trees is the first half of the growing season - from March to June. On the contrary, for reducing cuts the dormancy is the best time.


Although treatment of trees is relatively expensive, the trees surely deserve our care and will reward us by their long-standing presence. Pruning at the right time can help prolong the life expectancy of a tree.