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Tree felling

Cutting down is an irreversible action that can never be remedied. Therefore, for each tree carefully consider whether such an action is really necessary. If it is possible, a tree replacement planting should be carried out after tree felling.

  • Risk felling from the top - this is chopping down trees over fences, houses, tombs, power lines and in other limited spaces. Using techniques of climbing we climb to the top of the tree and gradually cut the tree from top to bottom, in case of the acute lack of space the branches and trunk can be tied and dropped down. In exceptional cases high-lift platforms or cranes are used to cut down a tree. 
  • Conventional cutting from ground and cutting of trees with great circuit - to cut down the ordinary trees, which have enough space around them, such as in woods or trees in open areas.

  •  Disposal of uprooted trees and windbreaks
  •  Felling of dead trees
Permission for cutting trees growing outside the forest in CZ (on private property, too) is issued by the Department of the Environment particular community. Required for trees with a trunk circumference of more than 80 cm measured at a height of 130 cm above the ground. Trees are usually cut down in the dormancy period - from November to March.